This image was considered by the Harryhausen estate too close to the film frame from which it is derived. Fair enough. It was removed from Etsy.

The image is just under A4 in size with a textured edge, with a large white border (2.5 cm) to allow framing or stretching.

For a simple, cheap framing option, this image will sit with the edge showing neatly inside a standard Ikea frame or similar with a mount opening of 29x20 cm (as pictured).

***This canvas is sold unframed****

The work is digital-origin. Archival eco-solvent pigment ink printed on medium-thread canvas. Hand embellished with acrylic paint medium by the artist, to attain the surface texture and depth of an oil painting.

As each item is hand finished by the artist and no two items are exactly the same. To avoid confusion with other works that may depict a similar subject there is no 'limited edition' as such. Let me know if limited editions are important to you and I will consider changing this policy.

You can commission a similar image. Contact me for size and colour variation. This one in A4 is finished and available now.

You can buy it direct from me for the equivalent of AU$50. Free shipping within Australia. Email for details.